5 Apps To Hide Text Messages On Android

We have all been a victim of privacy invasion, either by a close friend or, a relative. It is not uncommon today to see people erasing or password protecting their personal data before lending their phone/tablet for use. All of us do it today for our own security & privacy.

There are some smart tools available on Android-run devices found on Google Play Store, that unearth the device data such as Multimedia Text or MMS. Below, you will find a list of apps that are particularly useful to those who do not want to hamper the integrity of their device and simply want to hide their private conversations from public’s eyes. Although there is an option to encrypt the contents in some advanced SMS or text messaging apps, not all of them have one.

We have some of the cool apps to hide text messages or SMS on Android without rooting or jailbreak, let’s dive in!

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5 Apps To Hide Text Messages In Android 2017

5. Private Space SMS & Call- Hide Text

Private Space is one of the best apps on Google Play Store for hiding text. The app provides security and hide your contacts, messages and call records that you want to keep private. To activate this feature, you just need to create a key that you would use towards opening the app.

Key Features

  • Successfully hide your address book contacts.
  • Add privacy to your text messages (SMS & MMS).
  • Hide the app so nobody can ever see it.


  • Receive an SMS, a vibration or a custom-made ringtone; on incoming messages or phone calls.
  • Notifications will be sent via your chosen method.
  • Hide your call logs and block private calls.
  • Don’t have time to protect your things with a password? Just shake your phone!


It does not hide messages very efficiently, but on the other hand, someone snooping on your phone will need a file browser application to trace your hidden data, which isn’t easy to do so, when your phone is locked.   DownloadQR-Code Private SMS & Call – Hide Text Developer: DC Mobile Dev Team Price: Free  

4. Block SMS And Call

Block SMS And Call is a user-friendly text messaging app; that provides a bunch of features in a convenient package. In this app, you can hide or make private incoming calls, missed calls, and call logs, and also, SMS Contact list, and even block unwanted calls and messages. Block SMS And Call is a six-in-one app, compassing all of the user needs.

Key Features

  • Normally, when One-Handed Mode is off, it means that calls will be blocked/hidden only for contacts in the black list. Conversely, when you need to hide calls from someone you don’t trust, then simply activate the One-Handed Mode.
  • Include a private contact in the list. All calls and SMS records from these numbers will not be available in the messages and in the call records. But, they will be suspended and hidden privately.
  • If you want to have a little fun, you can give each contact an alias, so that when you receive a call or an SMS from any of your contact, your phone will notify you of that with the alias name flashing.
  • All of the blacklisted calls and text messages will be blocked and moved over to private space.
  • The default mode is set to Blacklist Only, but you can change that to All Calls. By doing so, all the incoming/outgoing calls, and text messages, except those in the whitelist, will be blocked, and the records are neatly saved in a private area.


Block SMS And Call comes with a higher level of security and privacy control, due to which, you must give permissions to the app to access your contact information, and other details. But, to be fair, it does protect you in the way you would expect.   DownloadQR-Code Blockieren SMS| Bausteinaufruf Developer: ICT Inc Price: Free+

3. Shady Contacts

Shady Contacts is an app capable of hiding text messages and call records. Once you install the app, you will be prompted to set an unlock pattern, after which, you will have complete access to a control panel wherein, all the call records, contacts and text messages will be kept hidden safely.

Key Features

  • Easy to hide text messages & call logs very easily.
  • Unlock with PIN/Pattern lock.
  • Option to hide the launcher app (by default, dial *** 123456 ### to open).


  • Auto-Lock feature, Auto-destruction feature, quick lock.
  • Restore call logs/text messages to standard applications.


  • The interface needs improving.

  DownloadQR-Code Shady Contacts Developer: Droid Mate Price: Free+

2. Hide SMS

Hide SMS is simple to use and keeps all conversations a secret. Pick the messages that you want to hide away and protect it with a PIN password. It keeps you in control over what others see on your phone.

Key Features

  • All incoming messages from secret conversations, come directly to protected area.
  • Unlimited space available for saving hidden messages.
  • Option to hide the launcher app (by default, dial *** 123456 ### to open).


  • Unlimited use with a free subscription.
  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Hides messages very efficiently.


  • Does not support all Android devices.

  DownloadQR-Code Hide SMS || Private SMS Developer: ABA Studio Price: Free  

1. Vault – Hide SMS, Pictures & Videos

Vault is #1 on our list of apps to hide text messages, pictures, and videos on your phone away from prying eyes. It offers a tight security to your photos, call logs, & SMS. It allows users to create private contacts, whose text messages, alerts and call records are not notified on the home screen.

Key Features

  • All files put in the app are safely guarded by a strict password protection protocol.
  • You can also choose to protect apps with a password. As a premium user, you can add an infinite number of apps that are hidden away from onlookers.


  • You can auto-set the app to take a picture of the person trying to get access to your personal folders.
  • Vault can be hidden from Home Screen when the Stealth Mode is turned ON. The app can be reopened by entering a password through the phone’s dial pad.
  • A higher encryption is used to keep your files and folders hidden in a safe place. But, that takes a toll on the screen processing rate. If your smartphone handset has a higher screen resolution, this problem can be avoided.

You can even try some android app lockers and lock the SMS apps on your phone. Even by this way, you can hide the text messages on your device.   DownloadQR-Code Vault-Hide Bilder & Videos, App Lock, Backup Developer: cxzh.ltd Price: Free+


Share with us your experience with using each of the above-mentioned apps. If you have used any other app, Free or Premium, that you had a good experience with, let others know in the comments down below, and keep the discussion going.

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